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Good morning Truth Seekers!

It is too early in the morning for this shenanigans, but you already know what I'm about. With that being said, let me give you this review.

Chiiiiiile, tell me why Author Wynta Tyme got me wanting to be a panther and sh%t! Y'all, if I'm lying, my name isn't Juana. I was so engulfed in this short that I couldn't put it down. I was clawing at the air like I was battling cougars myself, lol. I cannot make this up! I was snarling and growling while reading, then screamed at the book. I was trying to tell the characters what to do and everything. It was a mess. I was yelling all kinds of obscenities such as, "Put me in the damn book, Wynta! I'll kill all of their asses with my mind!" LOL! Somebody come get your girl off of this floor!

If I was a panther, I don't know what ability I would have, but it would be something fierce like Blink's ability to heal and give life. There was a lot of ripping off heads, a body had exploded by a mere scream, there was a kidnapping, somebody was shot, and there was a whole lot of baby making. This short story was off the chain. If you haven't read it, you are missing a treat. You can find this short story at the end of Author B. Love's current release titled "With His Song." Both of these stories are a bomb combination. This short story was fun and out of this world. These are the stories that I look forward to reading from Author Wynta Tyme.

She is the kind of author that will bring you paranormal at its finest. Her reads be jaw dropping, not of this world, exciting, thrilling, funny, lovable, sexy and chilling all at the same time. Just like Alladin took you on a magic carpet ride to a whole new world, Author Wynta Tyme brings a whole new world to you. That's the beauty of her stories. She makes you feel like you are apart of it. It's almost like you are standing in the middle of the scene with the characters, watching situations unfold. Check out her catalog, and don't forget to check out Black Ty Event. THAT'S A 5 STAR READ! You will not be disappointed!

See you soon,


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