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Good Afternoon Great People!

This book that I am introducing to you all today gave me my whole life! I have NEVER read a book that singlehandedly had me questioning if the author knew me personally. On top of that, through poetry? Nah, that ain't happening. Not in this lifetime. Oh, but baby it did! There is only one author who has been able to do that, but with everything she's written. When I tell you that Mz. Dee read me like an autobiography believe me. I cannot make this up. Every emotion I've ever felt was written in this book of poetry. Seriously, I was like "Ma'am who are you, and where did you come from?" I honestly thought I was reliving some of my most intimate feelings. It was wild.

This one piece entitled 'All Or Nothing' had me screaming, "YOU BETTER SAY THAT SHIT, GIRL!" This lady said:

"My heart has been broken

one time too many

Wondering if my last chance of Love

was my last and if I have more if any

I was torn into pieces trying to

put yours back together

When I was constantly plucked

like the tinest of feathers..."

See what I mean. This lady is gifted with the pen. It seems as if she poured her soul into these pages and mine, too. This is one of those books that took me a minute fo finish because it was hitting home HARD. Every page was a thought or a feeling that I had and still have sometimes. In the poem titled Existence, Baby Girl said, "I was willing to lay down my life to save yours." How many of us have been there? I know I have. That's what happens when you genuinely love someone.

I give this poetry collection 5 Stars! If you are bold enough to put your business in a book for all the world to see, your trials, your tribulations, your hurts and disappointments, then you're alright with me. Mz. Dee is apart of the B. Love Publications family. They are doing great things over there. One thing that I've learned about B. Love is that she will not publish any mess. She has to see greatness in you in order to put her name behind you.

I am expecting great things from Mz. Dee. From what I've read, she will go far if she keeps this tempo and be herself. I enjoyed every poem. A few other pieces I love are Karma, Four Walls, The One, Worth The Wait, and Beneath The Surface. Purchase this book and support her. It's definitely worth the read.

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