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RED INK SERIES by Butterfly Brooks & Thaddeus Kane (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!)

Good morning to you, Truth Seekers! I recently finished a two part series titled Red Ink: Bosses, Bullies & Butterflies and Red Ink: Rites, Revenge & Revelations. All I can say is "Whew, Chiiiiiiillllllleeeeee things did not get any easier! That's for sure." So, let's jump right into it.

I gave this series and overall rating of 4-Stars. They were good books once I finished reading them. There were only three things that I disliked about the series. The first thing I disliked about the books (particularly Book One) was the fact that it started off slow. It took me a minute to get into it. If I'm brutally honest, I fell asleep and didn't pick it back up until a month or so later. Sad right? I know. I get bored fairly quickly, and I have a short attention span. If an author's book doesn't grasp my attention within the first couple of pages, I will not read it. I felt the story was too drawn out. There was a lot of dialog that I didn't care for that could've been left out. However, a lot of it had key points as well. At one point I said, "Ok. You can get to the point now." BUT.... I felt I owed it to the Authors to finish reading. I'm a woman of my word. I said I would read it and I did.

The second thing I disliked about the series is the fact that I was confused about who and what was the focal point of the story. What exactly was it about? There was so much going on until it was hard trying to figure out the basics. Every character had a story. In my opinion, several books and storylines can be created from this series. I didn't know if the story was centered around the murder of Kendali Grace, if it was about the black owned empire that the bosses united to build, if it was about the grimy ways of Hiriam and why everyone wanted him dead or all of the drama and secrets that everyone had. IT WAS A LOT!

Which leads me to the finale of wondering what did the Authors expect for readers to gain from the books? In all actuality, I gained A LOT, but I didn't want to be too critical without getting the Authors point of view. To understand their writing more, I just wanted them to make this make sense to me for a clear understanding. Therefore, we can be on the same page. WE ARE ARTISTS AND WE ARE SENSITIVE ABOUT OUR SHIT! So, I wanted to be respectful and come in peace and love with the above dislikes that were originally questions.

Tell me why Butterfly Brooks flipped the script on me and asked questions with questions. Black folks...I tell you! LOL! Again, I reiterated what I just wrote you all.

First of all, the chick enlightened me and said, "We ain't fiddnah fall out with nobody about no book!" I was clutching all of my imaginary pearls while saying, "The nerve of her" at the same time. Colored folks, man! LOL! It was ALL LOVE, though. Basically, she went on to say that they are aware that every book isn't for everyone, and that a lot of people can't finish books like these. She also told me that I wasn't the first person to give them the same feedback about Red Ink. It's simply a different kind of read. Alas, she told me the focus was the story itself, and the characters wrap around the story. The main character was the plot itself. The saga is about the story - if that makes sense. There is soooooo much to receive from the story that they want readers to take what they need from it.

The bottom line is Red Ink is a story about LOVE! It's about love for the craft - literary arts, book business, authorship, etcetera. It's about love for the culture and each other. These characters are filled with LOVE and face the challenges of manifesting their love based on their life experiences. Red Ink is A RIDE! You have to sit back and just ride. Sit in the passenger seat and let the story take you on a drive. No trying to figure it out, asking questions or guessing of anything. The story is the pilot. Just relax and enjoy the ride. All of this were in the words of Author Butterfly Brooks.

When she explained all of this I got it. It made sense. I saw it and was able to receive it. I was a confused goner in the beginning, though. I'm not going to lie. BUT all things work together, for the good of them, whom are called according to authorship and readership. My favorite character was Lesli Lyn. She was the critical reviewer that was receiving hate mail and death threats with a potential homicide in her future. I related to her a whole lot. HER CHARACTER IS WHAT INSPIRED ME to do what I'm doing now. Hence this blog I'm currently writing.

In another sense, there was A LOT to like about this series. There was love. There was hate. There was drama for all to create. There was betrayal. There was bait. There were dudes who ate the cake. There were secrets. There were lies. There were conflicts and alibis. There was confusion. There was strife. And Thaddeus Kane you know you were wrong for screwing that man's wife! There were three and four way love affairs. Everything was up in the air. There was a woman that wanted to divorce her husband, but he said, "Try me if you dare!" There was a sex ring and child trafficking. There was even an appearance by the Feds. There was a woman who wound up pregnant by her bossfriend's lover, aka Frat Brother, then ended up dead. There were affairs and side chicks, a psycho jacking off on a home-made pulpit, side dudes, open marriages, and all that other shit. Look, some people were crooks. Some people got juked. Trained assassins were hired. All I'm saying is GET THE BOOK!






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