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"Hello! May I speak to Elise? Elise this is Shajuana. Now Elise, I don't know how you're going to take this. But whether you be cool or come out of the bag on me, see it really doesn't make any difference. But it's only fair that I let you know that the man you're in love with....HE'S MINE! From the top of his head to bottom of his feet, the bed I sleep in and every piece of food I eat, you see he makes it possible. The clothes on my back, haha, HE BUYS THEM! The car I drive he pays the note every month. So, I'm telling you these things to let you know how much I love that man. AND woman to woman, I think you'd understand that I'll do anything to keep him."

Great Day Truth Seekers!

I hope you all are ready for this one because I am not. This read right here is one for the books. Let me come out of the gate and say, PURCHASE THIS BOOK! I have no idea what B. Love is on, but I am going to need her to stay on it. Strumming My Pain was a whole vibe. It was different. It was spiritually different. It was so spiritually different that soul ties were created long before sex was involved. The sex only intensified the connection. The opening was sickening. It went from sugar to shit in 1.2 seconds. I'm not lying. Leave it to B. Love to do some stuff like that. I see why she is THE PROLIFIC PEN PUSHER, QUEEN B, B THA BEAST. They don't call her THE GOAT for nothing (in my Future voice). Her pen game is on point.

There was a lot of PASSION, PLEASURE and PAIN in this book. The pain that Elise had to endure in this read was so deep that it should have taken out of here. However, she was a strong woman. The passion that I felt from Izeah and Elise's characters were so intense it had me attempting to go and find him. I am not exaggerating. The pleasure that they were giving each other had me all hot and bothered and wanting to use my five finger discount. I loved the way Izeah commanded her pain to make room for him. Also, he was strumming her pain with his fingers, alright. Literally! He gave her the right amount of intimacy she needed. He help heal her with his words, his music and his guitar. He was a smooth ninja who was well qualified to carry that big dick energy. You would have to be a bad dude if after you please a woman orally, she asks if she has to take dick, too? Those were Elise's words not mine. PUT ME IN THE GAME, COACH!

The way Izeah spoke to Elise and spoke into her had my panties wet. He paid so much attention to detail that it was crazy. He was in tune with her because their spirits were in sync with one another. They were on another whole level of love. Izeah's last name is Moses. So, when Elise called him Moses and explained why I LOST IT ALL. I was a goner after that one. Check this out. Izeah asked, "Why do you call me Moses?" She said, "Because Moses...he led God's people out of their bondage. He set aside his needs for theirs. I know I have to heal myself of this grief, and I would never expect you to, but you do inspire me to come out of my bondage." Do you see what I mean? I just can't with these two.

Being a native of Memphis, I love the fact of little trinkets being mentioned such as Spencer's. How many of my Memphians remember Spencer's? That store had all of the gidgets and gadgets and whatever else you wanted. My shopping experience wasn't the same without that store. I appreciate Her Majesty mentioning that. After losing the only man she has ever loved, God sent Izeah to help Elise mend her broken heart. He was a man of God. I give this book 5 Stars! I always EXPECT B. Love to come through and she does. She never disappointed me with her stories, and I appreciate her for that. She is consistent. She has her readers in mind, but she still writes what she wants to write. I can respect that. Whew, Chile let me go so I can make my way to Legacy Y'all can have this damn review. I'm going to get my man!

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