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"You need to cut it out. You know you're fresh out of surgery, and my pussy will have you back in the hospital." - Sawyer aka Stix

"For everything you give me, Sawyer, I promise I'd go to war." - Yemisi aka Cop Bae

Truth Seekers!

Listen! THIS BOOK HAD ME ALL IN MY DANG FEELINGS! Author Tucora Monique won with this one. This book is full of restoration. Love and Relationships were indeed Restored! Stix found herself with the love, support and help of Cop Bae, Yemisi. They both were so full of love, but were too stuck in their situations and heads to freely give it away. Any blind person can see that these two were meant for one another. One thing I loved about Yemisi was his patience. He was soooo patient with Stix that it almost drove him crazy. That is what unconditional love is all about. It is a known fact that if you give a woman the love she craves and treat her the way a queen is supposed to be treated, she will go to the ends of the earth for you. There is nothing that you could want that she wouldn't give.

These characters brought out the best in one another. I didn't like how Stix's mom treated her. When she found out the reason her daughter was the way she was, she felt like trash, as she should have felt. I really wanted to jump in the book and slap the dog poo out of her. Yemisi came to the rescue, though. Everything she needed was inside of that man. There was so much healing in this book that it radiated off of the pages. I'm beginning to see why Author Tucora Monique calls herself "The Lovemaker." Love makes things happen. Three songs came to mind while reading this book. They were Love Makes Things Happen by Peebles, Someone To Love by Jon B. and Babyface, and Someone To Love You by Ruff Endz. Whew Chile, I'm getting in my feelings again.

I give this book 5 STARS!!! Check out Author Tucora Monique, this book, and the rest of her catalog. If you don't feel love through the pages, I don't know what else to tell you. This was indeed a restoration love story. It was also a spiritual one as well. There were so many components to this book that I really didn't know where to start. This book gives all kinds of feels. As you read this book, you may be the one getting healed and restored. I know I did!

The truth I give, even if it hurts,


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