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Good Afternoon Truth Seekers!

Have you ever read a book that was so good that it had you thinking about it days later? Tonight, We Love by Britt Joni was the one for me. I was experiencing a lot of things while reading this book. All types of emotions were involved. There was so much love, light and healing in this book. My heart hadn't cried out in a while, but it did because of this book. I's just THIS BOOK! It spoke to my soul and had me reevaluating myself. There were gems, after gems, after gems written in this book. I had just begun reading the 'Foreword' when the author hit me with,

"The best love you can ever receive is a love that comes when you've healed your soul."

Do you see what I mean? Only people who have gone through or are going through a healing process will understand this statement. Author Britt says that if you read this book, know that this is where love and healing meets the soul, and I couldn't agree with her more. The story is about Jaisyn and Maverick. Jaisyn is a Spa owner who had recently come out of a toxic relationship that cost her self worth. She poured everything she had into a man who could care less about reciprocating. She described herself as a lotus that grew in the thickest of mud. Her beauty may appear pure, but her roots tell you the story of her pain. That pain is rotten, ugly, and it stinks.

Maverick is a Life Coach who needed some healing of his own. He is a bachelor that feels it would take a special kind of person to change that. Well, all of that DID change when he met Jaisyn for a blind photoshoot. I think it's safe to say that's where two equally yoked souls met, meshed and bonded. It's almost like they spiritually consummated that day. All I know is they went through a lot of healing and transformation to be better versions of themselves. They were each other's one. It's amazing how God can bring two damaged souls together and heal them for His purpose. What Maverick didn't know was when it came down to Jaisyn it was always him.

On their road to healing, she had to learn how to not make Maverick pay for mistakes that the last man created, and he had to learn that people weren't going to be healed just because he told them to. Every demon, every issue, every situation has a root. You just have to do the work to find out what it is and trust the process of healing. You must first deal with your trauma before you engage in anything. My favorite part of this book is when Jaisyn finally decided to love out loud. That was a beautiful thing. Also, I love the fact that when issues had risen, they basically said, "We'll deal with this tomorrow fore tonight, we love." It wasn't those exact words, but it was something to that nature.

It took me a while to get to this book because I knew Britt Joni was going to come hard with the truth of healing. I am always for a good book with a message; several is a plus. I received what was meant for me to receive from reading this book. I took away an abundance of gems from it as well. The message was loud and clear. It is no coincidence that I gave it 5 STARS! If you are ready for your journey to healing, I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this read. You just may find what you're looking for and more. Amazing execution Author Britt Joni! Never allow ANY ONE, ANY SOUL, ANY PERSON, ANY INTITY, or ANY BODY to dim your light. Whether people want to see it, hear it, believe it or not, you are needed in this industry.

In the name of truth,


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