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Uuhhhh...before I say anything, I would like to say that VANCE ETIENNE IS MINE! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's continue.

Great morning Truth Seekers!

Listen! Honey, you haven't lived or in my southern language "You Ain't Seen Nothing" until you've read a Monica Walters book! That chick is bad, you hear me. She has my feelings all over the place, all of the time. I'm not just talking about one book, though. Sis is beasting in everything she writes. She has perfected her craft, and she is showcasing QUALITY MATERIAL! Be like Monica, it'll take you far. She is another one of those B. Love Publications authors and a heavy hitter in my sight. Hey, B. Love! What are you hiding over there, ma'am? You really do have the keys to success, huh? What type of crack are y'all cooking up? All I've been seeing (for a while) are BANNERS! Keep doing the damn thang, BLP!

Now, this latest read, Until I Met You, is something serious! It starts off with a father (Vance Etienne) going the extra mile to save and protect his only daughter (Meena) by any means necessary. How many of you all would do any and everything to protect your child or children? I know I would. If it meant my life, I'd give it for my children. That is what this father did. He gave ten years of his life to protect his daughter. He's a hero in my book. Chile, I didn't feel any ounce of remorse for June Bug. Pops said he'd proudly take that bid, and he did. Vance had already lost so much when his wife passed away that he vowed not to lose anything else.

I don't think Mrs. Walters could've brought Vance's character to life anymore than she did. She did very well. Who in their right mind would've thought to have or even imagine having THE David Banner as a character visual? Monica Walters. On top of that, she had the nerve to have him as a "seasoned zaddy." Slap me and call me crazy, but she won with that one. I'm not finished, though. Then, he was a gentleman. Chilvary wasn't dead with him, I tell you. This man opened doors, stood when a woman entered and exited a room, kissed the back of a woman's hand, and gave forehead kisses. It didn't get any better than that. Wait, yes it did. The sex was explosive!

It was like it was bred from another planet. AND Vance was hung like a horse. Hey, don't shoot the messenger, lol. I love Monica's books because they are fun and relatable. Monica has real life issues that she mentions in this book. Issues such as the loss of a parent, divorce, murder, depression, self-esteem, forgiveness, and most importantly love. One thing I've noticed is when her characters love they love hard. It be that kind of love that you only experience once in a lifetime. That kind of love that you wish you could grab ahold to and never let go of. That kind of love that you pray you find or that will find you.

I give this book 5 Stars because it was REAL! It was genuine. It was hopeful. Monica had a way of giving readers what they needed, if ever being in these situations. To find out more about the rest of the characters and the storyline, you'll have to read the book. Be prepared to take a cold shower (unless you have your boo thang near you) or to do what other people do who are apart of the hand clan or the five-fold ministry. Again, don't shoot the messenger. I'm just telling the truth. Be prepared to fall in love, cry, laugh, be mad, want to fight or shoot somebody. This author will evoke all of these emotions.

I enjoyed every word, every sentence, every page and every thought that was put into this book. Monica Walters, you did your thing as always. I don't expect anything less than the best from you. You mean something in this literary industry. I honor you, I applaud you, and I support you. Keep on writing! I recommend everyone to purchase this book. I promise you won't be disappointed. You can find Mrs. Monica on Facebook and Instagram (@authormonicawalters) and on Twitter (@monlwalters). Her popular Facebook group is Monica's Romantic Sweet Spot. I can vouch that it goes down is that group. If that's not enough, you can subscribe to her webpage Sis has a catalog for you.

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