• Juana

WE ARE TIRED!!!!!!!!

Good Evening Truth Seekers!

I pray today brings you more peace than it did yesterday. Unfortunately, with the current state of the world, WE are in a NO JUSTICE NO PEACE kind of mood! WE are no longer in the MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.) era. WE are in the Malcolm X era. WE are no longer singing, "WE SHALL OVERCOME." WE are now yelling, "FIGHT THE POWER!" WE ARE TIRED, and THE PEOPLE HAVE GONE MAD!

Racism, Racial Injustice, Discrimination, Police Brutality HAS TO STOP! WE will no longer turn a blind eye to it. WE will no longer keep quiet. WE won't be silenced. WE ARE TIRED! Whether you want to believe it, accept it or not THIS IS A WAR ON BLACKS! It's too late for, "Be a good lil' nigger and go sit down, somewhere."

It is our babies, our sons, our men, our husbands, our fathers, our grandfathers and our brothers who are out here paying the price for YOUR ignorance and hatred, and it hurts my heart. It hurts my heart when I see an unarmed BLACK MAN/CHILD murdered by the hands that swore to serve and protect US. I guess you didn't mean US as black citizens. You meant US as in the United States; white America, as you call it. I'M SICK OF IT!

TO MY BEAUTIFUL, BELOVED, PRECIOUS, INTELLIGENT, COURAGEOUS BLACK PEOPLE: DON'T FALL FOR THE TRAP! IT'S A SET UP! For every action there is a reaction. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A REASON TO EXECUTE YOU! DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM! Everything, including training, starts at home. Parents, teach our children what we're fighting for. Some of them are out here being blinded by bullshit and you know it. At the end of the day, they are our responsibility!

They are going out here on suicide missions unprepared. Are they really out here for the cause, or are they just out here being stupid? Rioting, looting and acting an ass. I know you're upset because I'm mad as hell. I know we're hurting, but WHY ARE WE OUT HERE TEARING UP OUR NEIGHBORHOODS? WHERE ARE OUR CHURCHES? WE need you NOW more than EVER! I would hate to believe that you're not around when it counts. What are some of you doing besides collecting tithes and offerings from the people's stimulus checks?

I Am Raising a BLACK KING, and I'm afraid for my son's life! I worry that every time he walks out of the door or isn't around me he may be targeted for no reason. At thirteen, every time he does walk out of the door, with family or not, I'm praying that he makes it back home to me safe and in one piece. I pray daily and regularly for God to shield and protect him from all hurt, harm and dangers seen and unseen. I pray that he isn't killed by a stray bullet or by the hands of another. I JUST PRAY!!!! I worry that while I sleep, someone will knock down my door unintentionally (intentionally), shoot me eight times and kill me.

One of my Facebook friends said on a live that they had to put knives by every door of their home, for protection, because they didn't have any other weapons. The fear of having to take a young, black life if they broke down their doors almost traumatized them. Which leads me to ask, who is teaching our children? We can always label them as thugs, hoodlums, hoodrats, ghetto, etcetera, but the VILLAGE is part of the problem. We need to get back to it takes a village to raise a child.

T.I. said, "There is no order where there is chaos." All of you OPPRESSORS are OUT OF ORDER! Then, you wonder why people are out here acting a damn fool? I'm not saying all people are bad. This is just for the ones we recognize. City Officials, what are you doing to make sure everyone wins, that we all eat? The kingdom suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force! That doesn't mean be out here looting and rioting, Black People. If WE are to tell them that there is a better way, we must first show them.


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