The Devil WearsYou

The Devil WearsYou

This book is a compilation of raw truths and a mixture of emotions that we choose not to acknowledge within ourselves. It deals with the inner man and inner woman. Many issues have been swept under a rug because of our refusal to deal with them. Along with the scriptures, this book will allow you to identify yourself and those issues that you keep hidden and buried. It will dig deep into the depth of your soul, and it will reveal to you who you really are. It will show you YOU.

You will not be able to point the finger at anyone unless you point it at yourself first. This book requires an immaculate amount of soul searching on your part. It demands for you to be honest with yourself for a change. It will challenge you to become a better person for you and for those who are attached to you. It will call for you to be a light and a refuge to those who need it. No more hiding will be necessary. It will call for truth to come forth.

Will you allow your truth to answer the call or will you suppress it? Own your truths no matter how dark they may be. If you do not like what you see, then change it. Only you have the power to make that happen. You are in possession of it. Most importantly, this book will save a soul or several if you let it. It will minister to you as a whole; mind, body, spirit and soul.
It will cause anything that is not like God or anything that is against God to show up. It will cause a desire and a longing for His touch and His embrace. Just know that His Spirit will be embedded in you. This book is heavily influenced by God, and His presence will overtake you.


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